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What a beautiful day today!
Because I know, You’re just out there
You’re always making me feel special
Your love for me is unconditional.

I know I gave You so much pain
Everyday,I have a lot of complain
But You never give up on me
Thank You for taking care of me.

i know, i’m such a mess!
you never leave me even in my brokenness.
you’re always there beside me
Whether i am triumphant or am lonely.

I surrender my worries to you,
Lord,please make me feel brand new.
help me to bring out the best in me
exactly what you want me to be.

give me hope and strength, my savior
bless me and my loved ones, our creator
i thank you, God –for everything
my life without you is nothing.

This is the first ever poem I wrote about GOD. I dedicate this poem to
HIM and to my family and friends. I also dedicate this poem to someone who
inspires me to write a good poem. Thanks to this person for all the
encouragement and being so nice to me.

Hope you guys like it! =)

May GOD be with us always!

- I posted this poem on my Friendster Blog account last June 01, 2008. Wow, Time really flies so fast. It’s been a year and 6 months na pala. :) I hope i can write a poem for HIM again. Thank You, God for all the blessings! I Love you! To God be the glory!♥


(via iamblessed)
you are stunning.
Praise God!!! :)


(via iamblessed)

you are stunning.

Praise God!!! :)

Source: iamblessed